Sometimes we just do it…

I am doing it yes, I am doing it for myself…….

and for them, just to see the smile on their face ‘ somewhere remains silent.

Here I am narrating the story not just about Molly but about all of us so let’s begin

Molly is a fun-loving kid since her childhood she loves to be surrounded by her family and friends, she is a family person.

She was good in school and she had the plan to live a happy life in which she never has to leave her family, but her parents have different expectations from her they want her to join Air Force.

One day she just applied for that post just for sake of her parents and after few weeks she got a call from them and they asked her to give an examination and interview. She didn’t prepare for anything and had gone. For her, it was just for trial purposes but for her parents, it means so much. They Molly to join Air Force is because she can be more courageous and she can do something out of the box. They always wish good for her.

She cleared her examination and even crack the interview, her parents were super happy. Somewhere molly was thinking that how does all this happen why all odds favored her.

Just after few weeks, her training is going to begin, she wants to spend which is left with her family. One afternoon when she was laying on the bed and was thinking that whatever she is doing is to make her parents happy, she never wanted this she just wanted to live with her family for the rest of her life but now it couldn’t be possible. But anyway her parents are happy. Then a sudden thought of ray beam in her mind ‘ if I don’t seek this opportunity I don’t know what else I will do so what all is happening is happening for good’ she stopped her thoughts.

She didn’t want to be away from the family she knows that she will miss them and cry each night, even the thought of separation makes her eyes teary. But she has to adjust and has to welcome her new life, new opportunities and who knows that one day she praise this decision which changed her life.

Doesn’t it happen with all of us that to make someone happy we let go of what we wanted, it’s visa- verse might be that person had also let go so many things/opportunity for us.

But whatever we all do or let go few things and adjust in less or new is all because for LOVE.

Thank you to all my readers!!!

Do we really know!!

I know I know…..

Says everyone whom many of us actually knows what’s happening….. We judge many just by hearing the one sided story and we know it all wow ❗ Let’s start from starting

It was the hottest day of summer hot wind was blowing and Nancy was taking nap in the afternoon the hot sun was harshing her through the window, but that didn’t disturb her sleep.

She heard her phone was ringing and she decline the call then a few minutes later some noise came through the window it was irritating at first but then it stopped then again it started, now Nancy got furious and got up she saw missed called from her friend and called her and got busy in chatting.

On the call, she mentions to her friend that the road near her house is under construction 🚧 and started complaining that these fools disturbed her sleep ‘her million dollars sleep’

Few minutes after her call ended her daddy came in and join her they both were gazing out of the window and she repeats her complaint that this person disturbed her sleep the noise made her bloodshed her ears…

Then her daddy mumbled the words of wisdom that changed her whole perspective which made her feel how wrong was she thinking and how can she be so heartless….

Her daddy had mumbled ‘ it is so hot outside and these humans are working so hard to provide us good road; we can afford air conditioner they cannot; we cannot bear heat because we are now used to air condition they can because they don’t have the luxury.’

She was in froze for few minutes and then she realized how selfish and she always is for many aspects, the noise which she was abusing a few minutes back now started to soften her ears and her new emotions were remain with always.

Thank you to all my readers!!

Will you make resolutions?

It was freezing weather of December 2019 and Christmas spirit was blooming everywhere and everybody had keen eye on new year eve, there will be new resolutions, new goals, new opportunities,new year and fresh start. Everyone was in party mode, buying party outfits and arranging parties for New Years Eve.

Every one is posting or sharing there new year resolution on social media, Anna thought that she should also make some resolutions for herself. She list down her resolutions her were…

• More savings

• I’ll make sure to visit my parents more often

• I’ll travel to unknown destinations

• I’ll higher my goals

New year begins and Anna was in full spirit to achieve all her new resolutions and she had decided not to give up on them. It was end of January so far Anna was on track. She was working passionately at her job, but so far she hadn’t made any friends there. It was ending of month and winters were still going ,effect of coved-19 has started .

After few weeks more cases were detected and soon the lockdown took place, Anna’s boss has announced work from home for every staff member and also warned that there may be loss of job in the near future.

Everyone took it lightly and believed that it’s just going to be of few days then everything would be back to normal.

Anna also thought that and they started working from home. Soon some office staff got the mail that they are fired by the company and Anna was one of them as due to pandemic company haven’t made profit and it’s difficult for company to keep there staff.

That day was shocking for Anna, now she doesn’t have any job and her job was the only source of her income.

Now Anna was jobless,unemployed. She has nothing to do she don’t have anything else, she was so busy in her job after her graduation that she had no time to make friends and now she has nobody to talk to. She talk with her parents on video call and spend her time as they were in different city, she talk to them and after that again back to nothing. One day when she went to get groceries she saw a little bookstore she got herself some books, at least something will keep her occupied. Soon after she get into reading more often.

She finally had overcome the disappointment of her job, it’s not like she hadn’t applied in other companies, she had but as the pandemic going on no company has vacancy’s. Anna now read as much as she can, and had also made good relationship with her family. Everything was going pretty well and Anna got dismayed again, she had lost her grandfather with whom she was so close from childhood, she had really came close with him in recent times. She cried in disappointment and cried over and over again, finally her parents called her and advised her that she can come to live with them, as Anna’s savings were decreasing. She agreed and took flight and started to live with her parents. She took her books along, her mother taught her new dishes and her parents also made her habit of doing evening prayer.

The three of them go for walk and try to make a day productive. Now Anna was stable, her perspective has changed and she glow differently with her new positive energy. Now she goes for groceries shopping, she had took charge of all outside work, because her parents may get affected easily, so now she walk herself and help them with other work.

Finally when Anna started smiling again,she met with an accident, this time it is difficult for her to stay positive and be patience. “God is testing her” Cried her mother. Anna had twisted her hand and bumped her head. While walking on footpath a toddler came cycling and when the toddler try to apply brakes it seems that they are failed, Anna got hurt while she tried that toddler remain safe, she came home with big bandage around her head and on her hand.

Pretty pink winters had stared, Anna was healing slowly. Her parents were there to support her, she learnt to value every organ of the body, she gradually started reading her books again and her grandma had also offer her some of his grandfather’s favourite books to Anna. She settle herself cozily on couch taking care of her hand and read there for hours and hours.

It’s almost the time of Christmas now and again the city is lighten up and again the spirit of Christmas was on, there were people on road with mask on and the decorations were done beautifully again, one evening after the dinner as Anna went to her room, she opened that page on which she had wrote her resolutions for 2020, she gave very sad look while reading it as she as only one is being fulfilled by now. Next day Anna’s mother had plan to visit church, but Anna denied but her mother insisted her to join them,

they prayed and as they living Anna remember that she forgot her bag on church bench, so she went again inside the church and she saw priest there, so she give regards to him and as she started walking towards the exit the priest call her from the back,

“Dear you pay me regards but you didn’t pray to Lord why?” Questioned the priest softly

Anna turned around and said “ I did, I had came again as I had forgotten by bag on bench”

“Alright, so dear how was your year went so far ?”Asked priest

“Not as good as I thought” replied Anna

“Why what’s wrong happened with you” asked priest curiously

“I had made some resolutions for this year but I couldn’t able to fulfill any except one.” Said Anna

“Oh, but you had fulfil one so how can you say you didn’t fulfill any” priest put into words

She smiled and her eyes sparkled

“Any new resolutions for upcoming year?”Interrogated priest

“No I don’t think I should make any resolutions for upcoming year, better not expect anything. It’s better to start unplanned.” Responded Anna

“It’s definitely good sometimes to go unplanned, but you cannot decide that if this time your resolutions hadn’t been fulfilled they never will, and as it said “never settle for less”. You also keep trying, perhaps you could fulfill all your resolutions next year and plus you learn something new too, alright tell me three thing you learnt new this year.” Retorted priest

“Aaaa.. I stared reading which I hadn’t got chance before, I learn how everybody organ is important in its own way, plus I had also learn how to cook new dishes.” Responded Aana

“Good!!” Exclaimed priest

“Wait there’s one more” added Anna

Priest said “go on”

“I learn how much parents are important and it’s so good to be around them, I learnt family value.” She said with excitement

“See not three you have learned four new things, Isn’t it good” replied priest cheerfully

“Ya but what about losses which I made this year.” Anna responded sadly

“And what about the life you saved this year.” Said priest simply

As he said this he made his way towards the exit, without turning back he was lost in dark. Anna remain stood still there, she try remember that whom she have saved. Then that toddler on his cycle crosses her mind.

She went back in her car with bag, now she is thinking deeply that what she suppose to do, she Should make resolutions or not??

She made resolutions and couldn’t fulfilled them but let’s look at bright side and see what all she learnt new, and I think that’s beautiful to learn things unknowingly. Eventually while completing our resolutions we learn new things.

What are your plans are you going to make resolutions or thinking of going unplanned?

Thank you!! to all my readers.

P.s. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THE READERS!! Hope that you make yourself more productive, you learn new things.

We Are Just Puppets…..

Recently I finished reading a book in that book there were five characters Meera,vivaan,kabir,Nisha and the most important character who was running this story FATE.

Fate was playing from both the side negative and positive, how much we try, how much we stay determine but if fate has decided he will push us to rock bottom no matter what, But he also said that if you will stick to your goals no matter how much I let you down you will not give up, even if you have to choose different way to reach your goal. Then no one will able to stop you and your success not even ME THE FATE

We are puppets and the thread is in the hands of fate he will makes us dance,cry,laugh,run and fly. Like this only I recently come across a story. That story melted my heart……

So lets start our story its just not about fate, but about love ,affection, care and most important loyalty.

Anisha Dixit she is a well-known YouTuber, with 2.69 million subscribers. She ran to Zurich in middle of lockdown just to be with his father when he wasn’t doing well, she left her dog morty back in India. she left him with a dog care taker. While she was in Zurich for eight months she take care her parents. And last month she under goes a surgery. She was suffering from so much pain and is still on medications. But couple of weeks ago the dog care taker was tested positive for covid-19 in India and now dog Morty was with the house care taker. But then one day Anisha’s phone rang and she got news from her house care taker…….

That Morty couldn’t able to breath properly and got a bit weak. Anisha was freaking out, she was already in pain, then her husband and she decided that they will flew back to India. They got there covid test done, and hopefully they tested negative.

She was in such a pain that she couldn’t able to walk around airport but she walked and after walking halfway she asked for wheelchair. From Zurich they flew first to Amsterdam and then next day they took nine hours flight to India. They reached at home and as soon as she opens the door Morty came running and she hugged him and cried. Then they took him to vet. After doing all the physical test the vet informed Anisha and her husband that her dog Morty is diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. Medicine’s where prescribe to him and now he is fit and runningly healthy.

She said this in her video and I agree it too that “Morty is just a dog you can let him go and she could take care of herself but she was so dedicated to Morty that she flew in that much pain.”

Kudos to Anisha and caleb( anisha’s husband) they flew back just for Morty and showed loyalty and love to him.

Have you seen fate making people run from anywhere just for a small purpose, this was indeed a very good purpose but fate did his work.

Thank you! to all my readers.

Note:- The story written above is based on true event and I have linked Anisha Dixit channel link in blog.

One Random question…..

What we are going through or whatever we feel will always remains just with us, we can share our pain and describe it but other person cannot feel the way we feel it.

Not just with pain and suffering but it is same with Happiness. What makes us happy its not necessary that the person in front feels the same.

Recently I asked the aunty who comes to work at our home very randomly that WHAT MAKES HER HAPPY THE MOST?

She replied after giving a little teary smile “didi I come from poor background so me and my family have to find happiness in little things, like we’ll be happy when families like yours donate us your cloths , we smile when all the members of family to go temple together, we find happiness in a box of sweet and sometimes when we can afford to go and enjoy fun fare. My daughter remains sick most of times but when she smile while she is dancing that makes me happy and satisfied.”

Tears roll down her face and then she again return back to answer ” I don’t only have two kids but, when i go to few houses and look after there kids are as well mine and I really feel good that the family trust me so they can leave baby with me. When I end up doing household chores and one didi who is teacher by profession always tells me to make my daughter educated and that feels like she consider me as her family. Whenever I take my daughter to her house she always teach her values and guide her. The small happiness is all that we can afford didi otherwise what we have. “

I was numb after hearing her out I felt grateful for what all I have and my parents manage to give me. My mom overheard our conversation and when aunty left the house she asked me what I was talking about and I asked her MUMMY WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND SATISFIED?

She didn’t answer my question and after two minutes she broke her silence and said ” My happiness is watching you grow into a barve women, my happiness is when you and dad goes out for shopping and always make sure to bring me a present. When papa and you appreciate my cooking and when you and papa gift me gajra whenever you go to market. I never expect big things but small gestures from you both always makes my day, but you know what I feel satisfied about? ”

I questioned her ” what mummy ? “

She replied ” that when I see your papa taking care of my parents as theirs, and when I see all four of us into one room you,me,papa and ranu, while ranu is licking papa’s hand and you were lying or resting your head on my shoulder that makes me so satisfied.”

After the conversation ends with my mom and with the aunty, I was on call with my masi she was making me laugh and in middle of our conversation I ask her Masi WHAT’S MAKES YOU HAPPY AND SATISFIED??

She said quickly ” your masa and shiv” then she elaborate further “when Masa goes out of town then my son is only source to find happiness when I spent little time with him i feel relaxed,shiv is a good and decent boy never complain nor demand for anything. And when Masa comes back home he helps me in the kitchen or in other household chores and sometimes take me out for dinner. But best part that I am really grateful for is that he supports me in every aspect’s and never let me down. He supported me to rejoin my education. And pursue my dream of studying LAW. Then meeting you all is part of my happiness too. When it comes to satisfaction I feel satisfied when we all order pizza and relax while I can laugh on with you guys with our inside jokes.”

Three different ladies, Three different situations, but you all see the answer is same. Our family is the one who is our constant support and family is that mysterious box in which you can find happiness, sadness, fights, Care, and most important LOVE.

Thank you!! to all my lovely readers. Nandini


Dreams are like beautiful crystal vase its looks so beautiful but the pain of shattering of a dream is more than the beautiful crystal vase.

Ravi was coming back from the work and today he has different spark in his eyes, that is because today her daughter top in her exams. His hands are full with box of sweets because his family had demanded it tonight so little bit from his saving he managed to buy them. Ravi was a sewage cleaner he works really hard to earn for his family and try to fulfill their demands.

While crossing the street a man with all decent dressing pushed Ravi and all the sweets from the box fell down, the sober dressed man don’t even brother to say sorry and went on.

By the time Ravi gather himself and look at the sweets by that time the roadside dogs were already enjoying the sweets. He looked at the empty box and diamond like little tears spark in his eyes, he starts walking again now his all excitement was disappeared in the air. And disappointment hit his face.

The man who pushed Ravi was Milan he was in so much hurry because today her daughter finally opened her eyes after being in coma for last two months.

Milan an investment banker, well settled in 3BHK with his family with one beautiful daughter. When Milan bought new house Milan’s family suggested to arrange a small puja and small gathering at new house. When the family dinner was coming to end the kids where running and enjoying.

But the enjoyment didn’t last long Milan’s daughter Noor fell from the stairs while all elders were in the house she roll one floor down by the time Noor cousin run and tell Milan, blood was flowing from her head to her face. Milan and roop (Milan’s wife) ran towards her and found her on floor fainted. When they reach hospital Doctor said she was in coma.

A munchkin lying on the hospital bed when her age was to run and explore the world discover several question and to be an inquisitive.

Doctor said that she was in coma her injuries were not that bad but she’ll take time to recover.

Ravi had seen most difficult days in his life but he never wanted her daughter Rupa to face them. So he educated her and made his daughter brave. But as he had bad fate in his little happiness too someone has to spoil it. Ravi was sitting on footpath and was thinking that his family is expecting sweets and he will return with empty hands how much it will upset his family.

Milan was so happy that he ran from his Work when Roop called him and said that Noor has opened her eyes and now she is out of coma. He was distributing sweets and living most beautiful time of his life.

While Ravi who was dreaming to celebrate his daughter best day but afterall his efforts he couldn’t able to make it any more exciting. Its not like he didn’t put his effort’s and still failed.

Both fathers were running for there beloved daughter’s And both have good intentions but one fail and other won. This doesn’t mean that the one who failed was lost no he doesn’t. Something better might be planned by god. We never know.

Thank you to all my readers !!!


After a very long tine I visited McDonalds, actually for first time I have gone all by myself to get some snacks, nobody join me that day.

I parked My vehicle And made my way in. There was queue of two to three people I join that queue. As I placed my order I find a corner to sit from where I can get the whole room view

There were few people on that day who came to hang out. I settled my self there and begin to observe everybody as I was missing my group badly. I saw a group of five six people laughing there heart out. Then group of three friends grab my attention and I saw the two of them is roasting the other one. Then I saw a little boy is opening his first happy meal, oh wow what a moment, happiness is flowing from his eyes, he is enjoying his juice and playing with his toy while his mumma was busy on her phone call. Then there is the security guard uncle who is really so sweet he manages the parking outside the outlet and he helps me every time when my vehicle get stuck with other one.

Each table is describing a different story. A true story. There is laugh in the one corner. So there is innocence in the other. There is holding of hands for the first time and then there are the employees working for there family or to fulfill there dream.

Then there comes a romantic or I should say a new freshly met couple they chose table exact in front of me. By that time my food had arrived as I was about to dig into it……

I was sitting next to a big glass window and next to it was a drive thru and few steps next to it there is bench. As I was about to dig into my food I saw that the bench got some visitors they were old couple. I guess there were enjoying there retirement life. And exact in front of me there is this new couple who have just started there relationship.

Now, I am going to enjoy two exact contradiction phases. On the one hand I will see a new love and on the other hand I will see how pure it can be and how simply they convey it.

The news ones got there order too. And now there are taking pictures of each other and of food. My inner senses are sensing that this was there first date. How special it would be or how special could they make it, that must be going in there heads.

While on the bench it was effortless romance is going. The love which doesn’t need anything to make it special. They both are enjoying there coffee date and the old man came with some flowers and coffee which they are sharing. The old man was in front of me in the queue so I over heard his order. The old man bought coffee for his beloved and this was there little coffee date too.

In front of me the new romance calling each other by nick names they have given to each other and fighting over fries.

The old man was looking at his wife with so much love while she was sipping her coffee. He was holding the cup from bottom. Now its old man turns to have coffee and took just a small sip and give back to her wife.

Here the newly is just sharing fries together and now there are calling there friends and showing them that how much they are enjoying.

Now the uncle and aunty is fighting a bit. As aunty is saying that she drunk enough coffee and the last few sips uncle should finish. And uncle is denying that no she should have it. Just purest form of love there are living and I’m observing it. Now aunty is saying that she didn’t like that coffee so uncle should not waste it and should finish it up.

The newly ones are all ready to leave.

And as I also done with my meal I should also get up as I was taking my eyes off the old couple the man who cleans the table and ask me politely “madam you have finished your meal ?”

I said yes in hurry and then I smiled at him. I realized that he had put some efforts in learning that line. And he might have put extra efforts in making it perfect.

I got up and made my way through exit. I saw that old man had open his car gate for her beloved wife and the newly one had assured that his love had wore her halmet securely.

Love is love no matter in what age you are. Just we should know how to express it truly.

Thank you!! to all my readers.


We all have different definition for love, we all express it in different ways, we all have different ways to love others. But Love remains Love no matter what.

Recently the conversation of love was going on and luckily I was the part of it, there someone asked a older man who lost her beloved wife couple years back , that what is love in your time sir?

The older man make himself comfortable and took sip from his glass of water and respond to the gentleman’s question in a very polite way he begin “me and my wife got married when I was twenty two and my wife was just fifteen, she was like a doll and I still remember that she had cried a lot when she first came to our house. But my mother held her and make her feel comfortable and since then to her last breath we are never apart. For both of us love was never to be said , its always to show. We never said “I love you” but we never even fail to express our love. She was a small little girl when she left her home and came into my life, so since then I am everything to her. She ask me questions of all kind and I have to answer her. When we became parents we use to spent all nights awake and then in our retired life we use to laugh at those moments. I remember the day when for the first time I have bought “gajra” for her and she was surprised the spark in her eyes was so beautiful and I think that was my first ever gift to her. She had wore it showed it to me. In our later life the way we use to express our love was different whenever I came from work she was ready with the glass of water and whenever i have to go late to my work she makes sure I eat my lunch and then go. She had some special recipes for me when I got diabetes. She had all list of home remedies when any member of family got sick. she never ask me for new Saree but once in a while she use to complain that now I don’t bring gajra for her.” The tears roll down his eyes when he said that. And then he added “now I don’t have her and now she never gonna ask to bring gajra for her. We had lived a long life together and for us the care, understanding each other , fulfill each others need, was love. And then he sat back and took and breath and smile back.

The same question was asked to the elderly lady that what is loving your husband was ? as she also lost her husband a year ago. As this question was put in front of her tears make there way through her eyes. She gathered her emotions and answered. “We had lived a very tough life together we have build ourselves from nothing to mostly everything, we have always find happiness in small small things like, a walk, or one sweet which we all share and have it. We were not financially stable and we were family of six, four daughters and we both. He was the only one to earn and fed us. The memories were so fresh of the time when we could only afford one apple and we use to piece it in six and have it. For us love was always be in small things like singing together or going to cinema after girls went to sleep. When he retired from his job we lived and loved our life we went on trips,long drives and eating together and singing love songs. For us love is always to make from little. Today I have everything I needed but I don’t have him by my side. She ends and cried a bit and smiled at the same time.

We often say love is in the air yes its true, inhale love and exhale love and see the difference.

LOVE :- when you inhale love you will smile and be happy. But when you will exhale love you see others happy and smile on there face and you will feel satisfied.

Thank you to all the readers!!


Peace is a common word but has different meanings for all of us.

If I ask you where do you find peace ?

Some will say we mediate for peace, yoga is best for getting peace, other will suggest that spending time with nature gives them peace.

We all cannot find Peace by mediating or by practicing yoga, we find peace when we are just stitting and feel satisfied at that time and enjoying or relaxing at that moment of time. No other thought is crossing mind and you feel calm.

Opposite to my house we have a zumba class and all member there come on time as given and dance their heart out they will put rock music on and they really enjoy it they shout in between (which Scare’s me ) and laugh there heart out, this is because they find peace, satisfaction in it.

Likewise some of us find peace when watching others smile, they will keep staring at you when you are doing that activity and they will just smile because they are feeling happy when they see that person happy. And majority of time they are our parents.

For me my peace is when I am reading any book or when I am swimming. Swimming and reading gives me no other thought. My mind goes blank when I’m indulge in these activities. Finishing a book gives me satisfaction and excitement for a new beginning of another one. And when I am under water and cannot hear a single voice I feel relaxed.

When topic of peace is discussed among my Friends one said, whenever she feels like it was a rough day and she want some time for herself she prefer to take shower, then she added shower gives her time to think and help to calm her mind.

And then other one said that she needs to be alone in a room, she don’t want any interference at that moment. She said dark room help her to be calm and to gather her thoughts.

We all have our own way to find our peace, some of us find peace in listing to music or podcasts. Some will say they just get out of that place and go somewhere in silence. Meanwhile some will hangout with there friends and family.

Peace is the matter of personal choice and comfort we cannot force people to do what gives us peace.

Thank you to all my lovely readers!!!


We often hear that miracles do happens, but did we ever saw them and if we had we ever noticed that by whom it happened?

Tina a modern day girl living her perfect life in Perth,Australia. She was pursing her career in agriculture because from childhood she grew up in middle of farms,scarecrows ,cattle’s and much more. Even she named herself as farm-child , in her summer breaks she use to spend most of her time in farms with her grandfather and he use to teach her every minor details and even taught her about seeds,pesticides,fertilisers, tools that are in use. When she moved to city with her parents she felt lonely but gradually get use to the city life. But in every winters and summer breaks she visits her grandparents house and enjoy farming with them. She has keen interest in agriculture. So does she took agriculture as her career option. “Now my little farm-child will able to teach his farm-father lots more about agriculture” said her grandfather with joy in his eyes.

In India, a village name Bijupur is there, where the majority population is of farmers . Among all there was a family of Vishnu. Vishnu has studied about agricultural in his collage and now helping his father in their farms. Bhola ji (father of Vishnu) had struggled so hard from beginning of there life his elder son was preparing for his civil service exams but couldn’t able to succeed but he never lost his hopes and keep trying. Bhola ji has one daughter who was still unmarried, and then there is Vishnu who studied agriculture and now helping bholaji in farms. They were happy but not satisfied there were some consequences going on regarding there piece of land. Bholaji was tensed because his daughter was still unmarried and his elder son was jobless, and sometimes they faces financial crisis if there crops didn’t do well.

Miles apart Tina was totally unaware of this kind of situation and she was just happy, busy and satisfied with all she have. In Tina’s university all the students of agriculture are assign with the project in which they have to pick one country and have to do study of soli of that country and some research work and after that they have to submit it back, they all got one and half month time to do so. Some got Asian countries some got European. Where as Tina got India , yes now she have to pack her bags for India. Every detail , arrangements of staying there, food , tickets, transportation all got managed, now she just need to board.

Tina arrived in India, after collecting her luggage she came out of the airport and felt felt bit humid the hotel transportation was waiting for her and took her to the hotel after having the dinner Tina hit the bed she was tired from the long journey, long hardworking days are coming on her way.

The next day she booked a car and also ask for guide so he can navigate her till the village as she has no idea how everything works in India it’s better to have someone to help. As bijupur has highly fertilised land guide took her to bijupur and there they met the surpanch of the bijupur. Surpanch ji granted her the permission for her project work and she also ask if anybody in this village who can speak English it will help her as due to the less literacy rate in rural area its difficult to understand English by everyone, so surpanch ji introduce Vishnu to Tina. When they both met each other for first time they both greeted each other with namesta instead of handshake.

They both head towards Vishnu’s farms, she started working for her project work. For first few days it was difficult to communicate but slowly they both started understanding each other. Vishnu suggested her to shift here in bijupur itself so her transportation can reduce from hotel to bijupur. After that Vishnu invited her for lunch at his house, Vishnu’s parents greeted her and then they all sat for lunch she was amused by seeing that they have prepared so much for her.

Vishnu and Tina’s friendship was growing up, they both frequently visit the neighbouring villages sometimes by bullock carts, sometimes in full jamed local bus , sometimes on Vishnu’s elder brothers bike. They both use to spend all day together.

Vishnu family are enjoying good times in there house as Vishnu’s sister marriage got fixed with a handsome well settled man in neighbouring village. And Vishnu’s elder brother succeed in his civil service exams with good grades and now he had secured a good position too. It’s like festival in Vishnu’s family and they have also made Tina a part of it.

Just few weeks were remaining for Tina’s departure for Perth and she was really getting her project done and also getting use to the new culture. Meanwhile the other good news bombarded in Vishnu’s house they won the piece of land which in consequence for a long time ago. So Vishnu’s family arranged a small pooja , because one after the another all good deeds are happening and after the Pooja they gifted Tina some grains, sweets , a piece of clothing,some amount of cash and even touched Tina’s feet and ask for blessing . Tina’s was in surprised and she questioned Vishnu “why are they touching my feet and why I got so many gifts, is there anything special? “Vishnu replied “ yes, because my parents believed that you are lucky for our family when you enter in our life, everything is happening in our favour they believed that you came in form of goddess Laxmi in our home.”

When Tina heard that she started missing her parents and her grandparents. All the moments were flashing in front of her the thanksgiving dinners, the time she spent in farm with her grandfather, the cooking lessons with her mother and grandmother. Tears roll down her eyes.

It was the day of Tina’s departure for Perth and Vishnu’s parents along with Vishnu knock the door of Tina’s house they give her blessing and ask for her foot marks of white sheets after doing it she asked Vishnu to tell her “why my foot marks are needed to your family ?” Vishnu said “my parents believed that your footmarks are lucky for us and as you are not going to stay with us forever they have took your footmarks and will preserve it for luck ”

Tina is now back in Perth her trip was awesome, now again back to her normal routine. Her presentation was up to the mark she got good remarks from her teachers. And then she visited her grandparents as she was missing them so much, when she reach there a cool breeze blew and she became nostalgic this time it’s not the memory from her childhood or the time she spent with her grandparents but it was of the time she had spent in bijupur with vishnu and his family. She met her grandfather and hugged him tightly and she narrates him the story his grandfather listened to her and tells her “Tina you were unaware of what you were doing there but your starts were favouring them you had gone there for your project purpose but fate had decided something else for them and for you, you should not take this for granted and just be grounded. What has to happen or what is happening is all fate. The way they treated you is what their culture taught them and we should respect it with our whole heart.”

After the discussion of Tina and her grandfather all the family gathered for dinner and again this discussion took place and Tina’s grandmother demanded that she wants to visit India and she wants to know more about Indian culture and she also want to meet Vishnu and his family , to that Tina’s mom also agreed and they made plan to visit India in there upcoming vacation.

What is happening to us is not all because of our own starts but there can be someone because of them what we are today, yes of course there is hard work which pays off. Knowingly or unknowingly we all make little difference in somebody’s life and someone’s make differences in our too.

Thank you to all my readers !