After coming out from some problem or any situation did you ever try connect the dots?

Reena a girl with full of grace and confidence in her eyes decides that she will travel solo first time in her life, so let’s read what fate have determined for her on her first solo trip.

Reena a twenty four year girl from Indore had decided to go on a solo trip to Europe for first time, she hadn’t traveled anywhere internationally before somehow she convinced her parents and with her few savings she decided to flew Europe.

As it was her first time travelling solo experience and everything is new for first time. So she was managing so much at once’s, as she land there, here comes her first obstacle that her luggage was missing…..

As language barriers she wasn’t getting proper answers from the officials, then she had started asking some people there but not getting proper responses, she was in tears then one man came to her and ask her what’s wrong with her he was not looking more like French nor his accent felt like French. He asked Reena why she is puzzled then she explained him and he smiled and said you were looking at wrong baggage carousel he said her that her luggage was not missing but was on different baggage carousel.she took her luggage and thanked that man and came out of the airport, finally she inhale the fresh breath in France. But she didn’t know where the fate is taking her ……

After managing cabs,hotels bookings,food, with the help of some technology and with some lucky, her first day in Paris ended and she as laid on the bed and thinking about the her day, she thought about that man that she cannot thank him properly she prayed for that man and deep down wished that if she can meet him once more she will thank him properly this time.

She had started her trip as per her itinerary she started visiting different places like Eiffel Tower, Reims cathedral, Louvre museum…… she discovered new places, new dishes, had traveled in different public transport. For Reena everything is new, while is was exploring the new city she had completely forgotten about her dinner reservations at the hotel she was staying and in Paris it’s strict if you missed you will loose, when she reached her hotel kitchen was closed and she was starving……..

She went outside in search of food and on one the street she found that there is a restaurant which is about to close but still there were hopes that she will get at least something to eat, she went inside it was Completely empty she asked if there is anyone there a guy came out from kitchen, for the first time Reena found a familiar face in Paris, she instantly recognised that face. It’s the airport guy she thought who helped her, the man said “hey,again lost your baggage?” (With laugh)

Reena had prayed for that guy that she could meet him again so she could thank him properly and he is there standing in front of her,she replied “Not this time, but I am so hungry and tired as I walk a lot today, is this place is still open ?” She questioned “No and yes closed for all but you can have something you want.”Said airport guy. Reena laughed and said “is restaurant is yours or somebody you know.” Airport guy replied “Not mine but i am chef here and this chef is at your service.”

“ I am James and you Madame ?” “I am Reena Monsieur. And now if you can you please cook something for me ?? ” “Sure reena what would you like ? ”questioned James. “I am starving badly so whatever takes least time to cook make me that” said Reena in her most childish expression. “Ok let me cook for you something my favourite, be seated I will be there with your food in a while, till then enjoy some wine” James offered reena “No I don’t consume alcohol food will be better” said reena James went in kitchen and start preparing spaghetti for reena

After dinner Reena thanked him for dinner and for his kindness he showed at airport, both went on there on way… Both never thought what is planned for each other just they have to go with flow something coming on there way.

After couple of days when it’s was weekend reena and James met again and they decide that they both can explore city together so they both started to explore it again.

Reena left the city flew back to India and then she started work as assistant in a production house. While James was still in Paris cooking for people and on weekends go for walk around city. Like that a year passed and both them never met…… but wait then what about fate who had already planned something for them…….

Reena you have to this on my behalf I cannot attend this project I have to look after mumma ”said Surbhi Reena’s friend beggingly “I cannot go Surbhi I have to inform the head” said reena quickly. “Don’t worry about head I’ll talk to him and don’t worry about visa and all I will manage all you do is just don’t deny and please go Paris on my behalf ”asked her friend with pity expressions. Now don’t be senti I will do it for your” said reena smilingly

Reena wasn’t aware that surbhi (her office colleague) is not sending her but her fate is directing her towards the journey which is not known by her.

Meanwhile James is preparing for the competition in which his restaurant is participating which is going to be shoot in Paris and will be telecast live on televisions.

Reena lands in Paris every arrangement was different but the experience of first time is always special this time her baggage was on right baggage carousel she missed James, all her good memories started flashing in front of her eyes, she decided that she’ll meet him this time too, but then some other thought crossed her mind now when he will see me does he able to recognise me may be……

Reena had starting working on her project the list was in front for her she has to take the interviews of the chefs who all are the participants of the competition. Reena was going through list and she saw a familiar name chef James Pitt vous pouvez apprécier. James also participating she thought, quickly she collected her belongings and made her way to his restaurant.

When she reached there she saw that James was standing at a table and explaining his dish , she waited . Finally she landed in front of him and surprised him he was amused to see her after a year they hugged tightly and then proceed to work, James invite her for an evening walk followed by dinner she agreed. As she was assistant in this competition they both keep on meeting everyday and spend a lot of time together. They are unaware but deep down they were falling for each other . As competition is coming near they are mixing up more and more, taking shorts,discussing recipes, interviews and all makes helped to come close.

Final day came of competition and James didn’t win it but he had won something else he had won hearts of lot of people and of course of Reena, now it’s her time to go but she don’t want to leave, there was a weird feeling which is telling her to stay, like this place is not letting her go , like back in her mind something is stopping her. It was there love reena and James love.

Reena reached airport she was waiting that James might come to give farewell, on the other side James was busy in kitchen as some food critics and food bloggers are visiting there, he wanted to go to the airport to say goodbye to reena but he couldn’t.

When Reena has to go then why fate had called her to Paris ? Why she meet James again why all this love happen… wait this not yet end let’s fate to his work we’ll read come…..

Due to weather reena’s flight got cancelled all the crew team has to stay there for more couple of days, at same afternoon reena went to meet James. As soon as both saw each other they smiled and then both move forward and hug each other. “Why didn’t you go back ?” Questioned James. “I think god wants us to be together forever ”replied reena with a wink. Both spend the rest of day sitting in front of Eiffel Tower.

After few months when reena was reading some article on connecting of dots she called James and they both discuss that if that day her luggage wasn’t on different carousel she didn’t ask for help and they didn’t ever meet each other….. if surbhi didn’t denied to take that project she didn’t flew to Paris again and she could not able to meet James again and never had fallen in love with him.

Renna called surbhi and thanked her but didn’t said reason behind it.

In all of our lives some or the other dot are connecting with each other so wait give fate time may be something bigger is coming on it’s way, what’s gone away don’t worry about it instead be excited that what’s coming ,maybe what’s coming is bigger than what’s gone.

Thank you to all my readers !!


Do we ever valued the thing unless it had been taken from us or we have to gave it up?

Shaan a boy who was at peak of his life and had never valued what he had until…….

Shaan is a well mannered And disciplined boy who has everything except time, he walks as per clock walks. Shaan didn’t had time for vacation and holidays. Even he never bother to look after his family all he love was his job, new targets was all he wants to fulfill.

He didn’t value what he should, so nature decided to teach him his way….

In whole world while the pandemic took place nobody is allowed to go for work. Everybody is locked in there home, and as per rules Shaan also have to accept it, his parents told him to shift with them till this pandemic, as his work can be done from anywhere so he agreed.

At first his behavior towards his family was rude when he is in on his phone or starring at his laptop nobody is allowed to disturb him, he had made certain boundarie as per his thoughts ,this pandemic will not going to last long he will soon resume to his work but Shaan was unaware what nature is going to teach him.

The lockdown was keep on extending, now Shaan was becoming friendly with family members he use to play with his niece, watch movies and sports with his dad and brother even spend some quality chatting session with his maa in kitchen or in balcony with a cup of coffee, he now know the meaning of word “Family”.

But as I said in beginning we doesn’t value the thing or person unless and until its taken.

As pandemic keeps on increasing, the lockdown also kept on extending, meanwhile Shaan had built a very good and strong relationship with his mother she use to give him oil massages,make him his favorite dishes. They both start sharing a special bond.

As to fulfill basic needs his mother and his brother or Shaan had to go out for groceries shopping. One day when they came back from the shopping they do all cleaning and sanitized themselves too but after few days Shaan mother wasn’t feeling well as she was having blood pressure and diabetes , family members thought that they should consult doctor, doctor did his job and sent prabha ji (Shaan’s mother ) for the covid test. She tested positive and she was immediately shifted to hospital.

In that environment, all the negative thoughts were hitting Shaan he started loosing hopes , as after long time he had built the relationship with his family and had learned to value each and every relation.

As per doctors Prabhaji’s report will be negative after 14 days. But it didn’t, Shaan was tensed more when he came to knew that he won’t be able to see his mom’s face for the last time if she didn’t recover.

Time keep on moving after 21 days prabh ji went under test again she tested negative, family members were called up to take prabha ji back home. She came home its was like a festival day for family in that crucial time. Shaan and his family was experiencing the sheer joy.

Shaan a boy who never made a call to his family and always loved his job now realized the meaning of family and had valued what life had gifted him.

We take many things for granted in our life like our parents, time,money,relations with anybody…

But we never know when nature will snatch it from us, better what we have appreciate it everyday.

Appreciating is better then regretting!!

Thank you to all my readers !!!


The very recent experience that happened with me is how much people judge others. Like they just assume that the person isn’t capable of doing that task. We judge others on the bases that we can do it so easily but they cannot, why we don’t see it as they are good at something else and we are noob at that.

Being judgemental is easy but its difficult to appreciate others.

By saying that someone looks ugly that doesn’t mean we will start looking beautiful, or else by making fun of someone doesn’t makes you cool. We judge others on the basis of there looks,cloths ,lifestyle and how much money in there pocket. This is the harsh reality.

But any day did we try that we should judge a person by there nature or how they treat others….

A man is not rich who has much big bank balance but he is rich the way he treat his watchman, driver,the care taker of the house,or the restaurant waiter. That makes a man rich. How we value others show the value in ourselves.

Thank you! all the readers


By knowingly or unknowingly each and every person who crosses our road teaches us something. They left their impact on us, and that Impact can be positive or negative So, it is up to us what vibes we want from a person. 

Like on me there are good impacts of certain people and negative impact of certain people, that doesn’t mean I stop interacting to them instead we need to generate positive aura around them. My dad had said me once there are some good qualities and some bad qualities in every person its up to us what we choose.   When we talk about impact of somebody in our life thats plays an important or may be life changing role in our life. That person can anybody your dad, mom, brother, sister, your life partner, your teachers, your friends anybody. 

When we meet them they influence us they show us different side of the world .Or sometimes we are that person who is having an impact on others life, for me its my daddy whenever I feel negative thoughts are knocking or I am feeling low I talk to him and he motivates me And guides me in right direction.
When a person enter in our life they change us that change is not noticeable to us but those who are really close to us can notice that change. 

I don’t know but may be we all are impacting somebody somewhere with our thoughts ,our lifestyle or with our way of dealing with problems…

Thank you, to all readers! 

lesson learnt or yet to learn….

Don’t you all feel bad about how you had reacted or some bad thoughts had crossed your mind in some situations.

 Recently some guests had visited us for dinner and I was sitting along with them and my dad and there the discussion of confidence ,research and hardwork was going on and in that my dad was praising my brother that he had full knowledge of what he is doing and know how he is going to do and I…..

  I was  jealous or in state of mind that not to accept that fact. So, I keep denying that no paa he cannot do it he is no better he is confused and not yet ready. Then the gathering came to an end and when i went inside my room I felt so weird and so bad about my thoughts 💭 that how could I do this I keep on repeating this that how I cannot accept other’s appreciation 🤦🏻,🤷🏻 why why can’t I say yes daddy you are right and he is good at what he is doing, and…

And then my friend called me and I told her that how bad I have become at appreciating good deeds and she told me nandu what you did is wrong now rectify it and make sure don’t do it again, she then added, you did wrong but you know that what you thought was wrong and you need that to change that behavior. Today not only you but today I also learnt a lesson and thank you for that….

My FIRST priority in LOCKDOWN.

  So, after my board exams I had became lazy, and this pandemic made me more lazy. And I didn’t even indulge into single new hobby or activity. Just watching new movies or shows on amazom prime or on Netflix and chill was my second priority. Now you’ll like then what stand first is that sleep?? Naah its not sleep or naps I mean ya they are but still lemme deny😜 When I come to know that its lockdown I was Normal because I am always inside my house (kya he farak penda hai, kind of vibes🤷🏻 ). But when I saw my book shelf and took a book outside…..

i struggle a lot at first to complete a book i was not able to focus but then I was unstoppable all I want to do is read read and read, I do added some new book to shelf and explore and get in touch with the book-ishq friend who are true readers, discover many new authors. And then now, now again I cannot able to read I take out book out of shelf and then keep it aside and start doing something else, really yaar!!  motivation is going down again as usual…..